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White Electronic Designs receives Energy Saver Plant award

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White Electronic Designs  has announced that its Interface Electronics Division is a recipient of the U.S Department of Energy’s Energy Saver Plant award for achieving a significant reduction in energy use.

“We are honoured to receive this award,” said Hamid Shokrgozar, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for White Electronic Designs Corporation.

“It demonstrates our company’s commitment to more earth-friendly operations by reducing industrial energy use and carbon emissions.”

White Electronic Designs applied for and received a Save Energy Now energy assessment from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) in 2006.

Save Energy Now assessments focus primarily on such energy-intensive systems as process heating, steam, pumps, fans and compressed air.

WEDC worked with a team of engineering professors and students from the University of Dayton to assess key industrial processes and identify cost-saving opportunities.

By implementing the majority of the recommended actions, WEDC has reduced its total energy use by more than 7.5% and is shrinking its carbon footprint in the near term.

Industrial use accounts for about one-third of energy consumed in the U.S. according to DOE estimates. By cutting back consumption just 20 percent, U.S. businesses could save close to $19 billion a year at 2004 energy prices, according to a recent report by the National Association of Manufacturers.

As of September 2007, the DOE has completed more than 250 energy assessments and implemented programs and processes that have generated more than $75 million in savings, with an estimated $255 million in additional energy savings scheduled or underway.

The DOE reports that this program’s identified total potential carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction is approximately 4.6 million tons per year, the equivalent of taking more than 775,000 cars off the road.

WEDC’s Interface Electronics Division is a prominent supplier of advanced interface solutions.

Technologies include touch-screen panels, industrial membranes and elastomer keypads.

Using proprietary technologies such as high-temperature plastic dome-forming and through-hole circuit printing, their products consistently surpass industry specifications.

The result is a reliable and durable ergonomic user interface that exceeds expectations.

White Electronic Designs’ keypads, keyboards and sensors are used in appliance, point of transaction, consumer electronics and sophisticated medical applications.

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