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Enhanced LCD displays from White Electronic Designs

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White Electronic Designs  is expanding its family of enhanced LCD displays for various market applications. White Electronic Designs is introducing these new enhanced displays at the Society for Information Display’s annual event in Los Angeles, California. These new displays join White Electronic Designs new AMLCD product suite that meets both commercial and military requirements for sunlight readability and maximum viewability, but also provides night-vision compatibility for applications such as transportation display instruments.

Commercial applications include tablet PCs and medical patient care monitors.

White Electronic Designs is adding two new high performance 8.4” enhanced displays to its line of product offerings. The ENH084SL3-550 is a 550-nit SVGA model and the ENH084XL3-500 offers 500 nits at XGA resolution. Both ENH084SL3-550 and ENH084XL3-500 incorporate high efficiency optical films to achieve increases of 35% (SVGA) and 25% (XGA) respectively over the manufacturer’s stock luminance. Each model is available with index matching anti-reflection coatings in two surface treatments, IM/Clear (glossy) or IM/110 (a 10% diffusion). These products are suitable for instrumentation, transportation and rugged tablet PC applications. Touch sensor options also are available.

Another new product, the ENH104XLM-170 10.4” color TFT LCD, incorporates ENH084XL3-500’s Max-Vu process to increase the contrast and optical performance of the stock display. White Electronic Designs’ enhancement of a BOE Hydis HT10X21-311 color active matrix LCD module results in good viewability and increased environmental robustness. The ENH104XLM-170 comes with a 1.1mm AR/AG cover glass.

“These additions to our product suite offer technology creators more choices and capabilities to truly enhance an application’s visual experience,” said Dave Slobodin, Vice President and General Manager of Display Systems, White Electronic Designs. “With our years of expertise in the development of optically bonded, ruggedized display systems for defence and aerospace applications, we defined, developed and implemented special processes and tooling to provide these standard enhanced display solutions for specific applications in direct response to our customers’ challenges.”

Leveraging their experience with optical, mechanical and rugged display enhancements, White Electronic Designs’ full line of active matrix LCD (AMLCD) products exceed the factory commodity LCD display specifications while effectively meeting or exceeding the performance criteria of demanding applications.

“In the high-efficiency marketplace, there is a certain level of expectation; they want the right product with the right technology at the right time,” adds Slobodin. “Our processes to design, develop and deliver products and services to the marketplace came from our military heritage. It’s why we’re able to be responsive to our customers, understand their requirements and consistently meet their expectations.”

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