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Fatalities lower but older workers more vulnerable
22.10.2017 - Work-related fatalities have shown a steady decline after peaking in 2007, reducing by almost a third, according to a report by Safework Australia.
WheelieSafe among 5 Tasmanian finalists at Australia Post Regional Pitchfest
19.06.2017 - WheelieSafe Pty Ltd is one of the five finalists representing Tasmania at the 2017 Australia Post Regional Pitchfest.
Reduced injury frequency rates
27.06.2016 - The chart shows Frequency Rates of SafeWork Australia's Priority Industry Sectors.
National OH&S Strategy: Some good news, some not so good
20.06.2016 - The results of the National OH&S Strategy over the decade from a 3-year base period to 2011/12 showed the incidence of work related injury fatalities fell.
WheelieSafe rationalises manual models
02.05.2016 - WheelieSafe P/L, maker of the WheelieSafe Bin Handling System, has rationalised its three manual models (the Essential, the Multi and the Dolly)
WheelieSafe now with free-wheeling hubs
28.02.2016 - WheelieSafe has introduced its latest model of electric bin trolleys, featuring free-wheeling hubs.
A breakdown of Australian work related injuries and illness
10.06.2015 - The Health Care and Social Assistance sector of the Australian workforce (All Employed Persons) employs 1.35 million people.
WheelieSafe trolleys adapted to help business carry crates
18.12.2014 - Electric bin trolleys from WheelieSafe Pty Ltd have been successfully adapted to carry laundry crates at the popular NSW South Coast holiday resort.
WheelieSafe trolleys and handcarts helping to keep hospital workers’ comp levels low
04.11.2014 - Trolleys from WheelieSafe Pty Ltd are helping reduce workers’ compensation claims in Australia’s healthcare industry.
WheelieSafe releases bin handling trolleys
31.10.2014 - WheelieSafe introduces a new wheelie bin handling system designed to simplify the effort of safely moving wheelie bins to the kerbside.
White Paper: How to increase productivity and safety when handling wheelie bins
06.08.2014 - The new whitepaper by WheelieSafe Pty Ltd explains how its bin management system can eliminate risk of workplace injuries when handling wheelie bins.
New WheelieSafe bin handling trolleys now in a heavy duty electric model
15.04.2014 - WheelieSafe Pty Ltd has added a new heavy duty model to its range of electric bin handling trolleys.
New stackable chair handling solution released
02.12.2013 - WheelieSafe solves the problem of handling stackable chairs with a new system that can be used with their manual trolleys as well as electric trolleys.
WheelieSafe eliminates bin hazard
17.10.2013 - A bin handling system from WheelieSafe Pty Ltd has been specifically designed to prevent hand injuries among older people.
WheelieSafe solves wheelie bin problem at St Johns
11.09.2013 - WheelieSafe Pty Ltd supplied one of their electric wheelie bin trolleys to the St John’s Hospital in Hobart to address OH&S and efficiency issues involved in emptying their wheelie bins.
Applied Cleansing Solutions uses adapted WheelieSafe dolly trolley for lifting on site
04.09.2013 - A dolly trolley from WheelieSafe Pty Ltd has been adapted by Applied Cleansing Solutions of Noble Park to provide an undercarriage for its wheelie bin vacuum.
Edith Cowan University increases safety by using WheelieSafe bin trolleys
29.08.2013 - Two dolly trolleys from WheelieSafe Pty Ltd are being employed at the Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Western Australia to assist in the handling of heavy recyclables bins on the campus.
Wheeliesafe a finalist in the Logistics & Materials Handling magazine Mercury Awards
27.08.2013 - WheelieSafe Pty Ltd has been named a Finalist in this year’s Logistics & Materials Handling Mercury Awards.
Safer bin handling with electric bin trolleys
05.07.2013 - WheelieSafe Pty Ltd has added an electric model to their range of bin handling trolleys.
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