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WheelieSafe solves wheelie bin problem at St Johns

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WheelieSafe Pty Ltd supplied one of their electric wheelie bin trolleys to the St John’s Hospital in Hobart to address OH&S and efficiency issues involved in emptying their wheelie bins.

Emptying the food services wheelie bins at St John’s Hospital was not only inefficient but also a potential OH&S hazard. The emptying point being uphill from the kitchen, the heavy 240-litre bins could only be partly filled with food scraps. Since the hospital paid per lift for emptying services, sending out the bins partly loaded added to the inefficiency.

St John’s Food Services Manager, Shelley Tolver-Banks employed a WheelieSafe electric wheelie bin trolley to solve the problem. 

The WheelieSafe trolley’s patented hook system allows the bins to be loaded onto the trolley easily. The trolley’s third wheel takes the entire ‘tilt back’ load off the operator’s back, resolving the OH&S issues involved in handling heavy wheelie bins. The trolley’s powerful dual 24-volt, 180-watt electric motors allow fully loaded bins to be transported easily to the pick-up point, making the whole process efficient.

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