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Merchant service solutions from Westpac Banking Corporation

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Westpac Banking Corporation  offers merchant services solutions. These merchant service solutions comprise of credit card payment solutions. EFTPOS solution is one such credit card payment solution offered by Westpac Banking Corporation. This forms to be an efficient as well as secure way to accept the credit cards from different customers. EFTPOS credit card payment solutions accept all credit cards and debit cards along with various other charge cards.

EFTPOS credit card payment solutions offered by Westpac Banking Corporation are available in two different types such as EFTPOS Advantage and EFTPOS Extra. EFTPOS Advantage is terminal that enables the merchant to control all user access to different features as well as functionality of the device. This also enables to display the merchant logo on the screen of the terminal as well as printed on the customer’s receipt.

EFTPOS Extra from Westpac Banking Corporation is a proven and effective terminal available in conjunction with a small counter top footprint that has been specifically designed for various business requirements. This credit card payment solution from Westpac Banking Corporation has the capability to perform different transactions such as cash out, purchase, completion as well as pre authorisation transactions.

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