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Waterproof and dust proof connectors from Westernport Agencies

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Westernport Agencies  offers an innovative range of connectors. Westernport Agencies supplies an extensive range of connectors from ALEX which includes pitch connectors, series connectors, diameter connectors, fully-insulated terminal, board-in connector systems, non-insulated terminal, relay block, nylon-insulated terminal and stand-alone board-in crimp terminals etc. Alex Connectors from Taiwan is one of the popular brand that offers connectors which includes Minifit and Mate and lock, etc.

Westernport Agencies offers waterproof and dust proof connectors from T.M.W. up to 100’ including BNC, Fibre Optic, power connectors, IEC and high quality modular connectors etc. KEL offers high density and speciality connectors in wide range. JAE offers diverse range of Fine Pitch and SMT connectors. EDA Inc offers wide range of connectors from Taiwan which includes D type, IDC, SCSI, Sockets and Hdrs. Bolymin Inc Taiwan offers character LCD modules, graphics LCD modules and TFT LCD colour modules. EDK offers panel mount fuse holders, power inlets, rockers switches, speaker terminals and outlets IEC. Vensik Electronics Co. LTD is a manufacturer of connectors which includes Minifit type and IDT plus SMT box headers etc.

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