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Pitch connectors from Westernport Agencies

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Westernport Agencies  offers a wide range of connectors for electronic industries. Westernport Agencies offers connectors from Honda Connectors, Oupiin Connectors, Alex Connectors, Vensik Electronics Co. LTD, EDK Electric Co. Ltd Japan, Bolymin Inc Taiwan, EDA Inc, ICOP, JAE, KEL, T.M.W., etc.

Westernport Agencies offers awide range of connectors from Honda Connectors which includes 0.3 millimetre Pitch Connectors, 0.8 millimetre Pitch Connectors, 1.27 millimetre Pitch Connectors, 2.54 millimetre Pitch Connectors, 2 millimetre Pitch Connectors, Micro coaxial Connectors, Infiniband products, Coaxial Connectors, Optical Connectors, Mobile Equipment Connectors, Rectangular Connectors, etc.

Honda Connectors like 0.3 millimetre Pitch Connectors from Westernport Agencies includes LPY-()SNY1 40, 60, 80 pos male connectors and LPY-EA()SFY 40, 60, 80 female connector with shield. Honda connectors like 0.8 millimetre pitch connectors are made available as HDR series and HDRA series.

Westernport Agencies offers 1.27 millimetre Pitch Connectors from Honda Connector which are available as PCR series, PCRA series, PCS series, PCX series, VSC series and RPS series. Connectors like 2.54 millimetre Pitch connectors include DIC series, FFC series, FKP series, MFC series and HKP series. Two millimetre pitch connectors from Westernport Agencies are available in wide range under LPC series.

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