Wurth Electronik EMC and Inductive Solutions for R&D Requirements from Westek Electronics


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Westek Electronics supplies a large range of EMC and Inductive components from Wurth Electronik for your production and R&D requirements. The range of EMC and Inductive components help customers meet CE mark requirements during the design phase or at the EMC laboratory. Components are also available to control EMC when integrating various electronic devices. 

Extensive range of EMC and Inductive solutions
The Wurth Electronik product range from Westek includes:
  • Ferrites for PCB assembly: SMD EMI suppression Ferrite Bead, SMD EMI Suppression Power Ferrite Bead, Common Mode SMD Bead, Sleeve Choke, CPU EMI Suppression Plate
  • EMC Ferrites for Cable Assembly: Snap on Ferrite for EMI Suppression, Axial Ferrite Bead for EMI Suppression, Split EMI Suppression Ferrite Ring Core, EMI Suppression Toroidal Ferrite, Flat Ferrite for flexible circuit boards
  • Filter Chokes: SMD Multi Layer Inductor, Rod Core Choke, Leaded Toroidal Line Choke
  • Common Mode Chokes: Common Mode Line Filter for Data Lines, Common Mode Line Filter for power lines
  • Circuit Protection: ESD Suppressor, TVS Diode, SMD Varistor, Disk Varistor, Varistor Array
  • EMC Shielding Material: Conductive Shielding Gasket, Flexible Absorber Sheet, Woven Strings, EMI Shielding Tape, EMI Shielding Sheets, Conductive Foam
  • Connectors: D Sub Filter Connectors, D Sub RF Sealed Caps, D Sub Adapter Set
  • Design Kits: Design sample kits are available for most product ranges to help you through the research and design phase of your Products Development
Wurth Elektronik EMI/RFI common mode inductors from Westek Electronics are much sought after components suitable for high insertion loss filter applications and direct use. EMI filter choke components, for instance, are suitable for surface mounting and press-fitting as well as power applications.
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