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Wstek508-SPC smart power conditioner from Westek Electronics

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Westek Electronics  supply the new smart power conditioner model SPC from PQ Tech, which is an active harmonic filter series suitable for single phase sub-distribution circuits in commercial buildings, shopping and entertainment centres, small industrial enterprises, etc.

Utilising digital signal processing, the model SPC smart power conditioner, monitors harmonic current injected by non-linear loads such as SMPS systems, IT equipment, electronic fluorescent lighting ballasts, etc and generates anti-phase current so that incoming power lines only carry the clean sinusoidal current required for the attached kilowatt load.

Model SPC smart power conditioners as single-phase devices are suitable for phase to neutral voltages from 120 volt to 400 volt, and are available in line current ratings from 30 amps to 300 amps. Installation is simple as model SPC smart power conditioners can be simply connected in parallel with the load.

Smaller units can be used for individual loads such as towers whereas the 300 amp models are also suitable for connection at sub-distribution board level. For larger power applications, units can be paralleled. In three-phase, four-wire systems, three model SPC smart power conditioners can be connected between the individual phases and neutral thereby eliminating the 150 Hz triplen harmonic, which can severely overload the neutral.

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