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Westek Electronics launches new power analyser

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article image Voltech PM 1000+ precision power analyser

The new Voltech PM 1000+ precision power analyser from Westek Electronics is suitable for single-phase power and energy measurement of power circuits, industrial and domestic appliances, linear and switch-mode power supplies and can also be used to measure inrush parameters under zero-crossing or peak values (utilising the Voltech PS 1000 Inrush Switch).

The Voltech PM 1000+ is equipped with a highly readable colour display making the instrument ideal for production as well as field use.

The Voltech PM 1000+ can be used to measure power directly (to 660 Volts rms, 20 Amps rms), via clamp-on transducer (to 3000 Amps), or precision CT (to 1000 Amps rms).

A ballast CT transformer permits the power and energy consumption measurement of electronic ballasts with current ranges of 5mA to 1A in the frequency range of 5 kHz to 1 MHz.

The Voltech PM 1000+ handles a frequency range from 10 Hz to 1 MHz, and crest factors of 20 (voltage and current) whilst maintaining accuracy.

Power measurements range from 1 watt pk to 90 kW. Reactive power is measured from 1 VA to 90 kVA, as well as leading and lagging power factors from unity down to zero. Complex impedance analysis (resistance and reactance) can be measured in the range of 5 milli-ohm to 1 Meg-ohm.

Total harmonic distortion for both voltage and current is measured, and a complete harmonic analysis to the 50th order can be carried out.

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