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UMG 505 Universal Measuring Devices from Westek Electronics

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article image UMG 505 universal measuring devices from Westek Electronics

The UMG 505 universal measuring devices from Westek Electronics have been designed to measure, store and supervise electrical quantities in low and medium voltage switchgear.

These universal measuring devices are highly accurate and capable of measuring harmonic currents and voltage in each outer conductor.

Thanks to the Emax program, the UMG 505 reduce the real power maximum by a short term disconnection of consumers or the connection of generators. Furthermore, the system
allows a time based switching of consumers by the integrated weekly time controller.

About 15 other devices (amperemeters, voltmeters, voltmeter changeovers, power meters (KW, kVA, kvar cos-phi), real and reactive energy meters in two tariffs (consumption/supply), harmonic analyzers, maximum demand controllers, switching clocks) are required to achieve the functionality of these universal measuring devices. Therefore, the costs involved in the project, installation and storage are significantly reduced.

The three embedded phase electronic measurement systems measure and digitize the effective values of voltage and currents in a 50 / 60Hz network. Two random tests per second
are carried out. From these scanned values, the inserted microprocessor calculates the electrical quantities. Peak values, lowest values and programmed data are saved in a
battery buffered memory. Selected values as well as net breakdown and return are saved with date and time within the ring buffer.

Some of the possible applications of the UMG 505 include:

- Supervision and control of electrical quantities in energy distributions
- Transducer for PLC

The memory of UMG505 Universal Measuring Devices  is divided into three areas:  event memory, maximum and minimum storage and the ring buffer. All Emax monthly peak values are saved for each months for all tariffs.

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