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Three-phase filters solve harmonics problems

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article image Efficient suppression of harmonics.

THE new, three-phase MTE MATRIX filters from Westek are designed to provide efficient suppression of harmonics for a large range of equipment including variable torque, frequency drives, servo drives, UPS systems, electronic welders, fan and pump drives, elevator drives and induction furnaces.

Two basic filter types are available: the MATRIX M5 series designed for applications requiring the equivalent of 18-pulse inverter performance, achieving typically a THID of 5% at full load; and the MATRIX M8 series with a THID of 8% at full load and suited to the harmonic performance of 12-pulse drives.

As the graphs in the accompanying PDF file show, however, the M5 and M8 filters provide superior harmonic suppression compared to the performance of respectively 18-pulse and 12-pulse inverters.

Unbalanced three-phase circuits normally exacerbate harmonics but the M5 and M8 filters provide superior suppression characteristics in these cases, thus generally obviating any need to redistribute loads on the phases.

Both filter series are therefore suited to operation with 6-pulse drives which are common in industrial electronics equipment. The MATRIX filters are also a much better solution to 5th harmonic traps. As an example such a trap with a 5% impedance typically provides a THID of only 20%.

The MATRIX filters are highly recommended for use in reticulation systems employing capacitive power factor correction by preventing the occurrence of resonance.

They are designed to minimise the 'importation' of external harmonics to downstream loads and because of their effective harmonics suppression, maximise the load capacity of upstream transformers.

The MATRIX filters may be used with diode, SCR an IGBT systems and in conjunction with internal impedances such as line reactors or dc bus chokes.

The M5 and M8 filters are available as 380-415V ±10%, three-phase configurations, with load currents selectable from 6 amps to 786 amps.

The MATRIX filters may be paralleled to provide for larger loads.

Various enclosure options are available including open construction versions suitable for integration in customer panels and enclosures.

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