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The new Janitza UMG 104 Power Analyser, available from Westek Electronics

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article image The new Janitza UMG 104 Power Analyser from Westek Electronics

Now available from Westek Electronics , the new Janitza UMG 104 Power Analyser is a 6-U wide, 35mm DIN rail mounted instrument providing voltage, current, power, and power quality measurements up to the 40th harmonic.

The newly incorporated functions of the Janitza UMG 104 Power Analyser provide a number of important applications including data logging, revenue metering and event recording.

The UMG 104 Power Analyser is an extremely fast and efficient power analyzer equipped with a 500 MHz digital signal processor. Continuous sampling of the 8 channels with 20 kHz per channel allows the collection of all electrical parameters (more than 800 values), minimum and maximum values, and significant power quality values such as harmonics up to the 40th for each phase with recognition of direction.

The modern communication architecture incorporated in the instrumentation of the UMG 104 Power Analyser permits the collected data to be output and saved in a database for further processing. The use of Profibus and Modbus protocols for easy integration in existing building control systems expands the field of application of the UMG 104.

The Janitza UMG 104 is suitable for high impedance grounded systems (IT), grounded neutral (TN) and TT (MEN) supply networks.

The Janitza UMG 104 Power Analyser is supplied with a CD containing a data management software package, called GridVis, which allows application-tailored output of online data. The topology offers a quick overview of the power grid and the possibility to compare measuring points to one another, as well as the supervision of defined tolerances at a glance.

Customized solutions are created by means of graphical files, for example in JPEG format with circuit diagrams, production lines or building plans and to integrate the corresponding instruments by Drag and Drop to their actual position. Exceeding of limits (e.g. THD-V too high) and the conditions of the inputs and outputs can also be indicated.

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