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Sorensen SG series programmable high current power supplies from Westek Electronics

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article image The Sorensen SG series of high current power supplies.

The Sorensen SG Series of programmable, high current power supplies are available in a range of DC output voltages and output powers and have been designed for fast transient response, low noise and high power density.

High current power supplies are available with DC output voltages of 10, 15, 20 and 30 volts with output powers ranging from 4 kW to 15 kW in packages up to 3u chassis configuration.

The highest current power supplies, for example 1200 amps, are available in output voltages of 10 and 15 volts, and 750 amps for output voltages of 20 and 30 volts.

Input voltages can be 415 volt 3-phase, 50 Hz and 400 Hz.

The Sorensen SG Series is available in two control versions, SGA with basic analogue controls and SGI with intelligent control features.

The SGI version integrates onboard intelligent controls that enable sequencing, constant power mode and save/recall of instrument settings. The SGI is suitable for repetitive testing due to the looping of sequences.

A clear vacuum fluorescent graphical display in eight languages, context sensitive soft keys, front panel keyboard simplified programming and RS-232 interface make the high current DC power supplies user friendly.

The SGA version is suited for applications requiring simple front panel analogue controls or external control. The version utilises 10-turn potentiometers for setting voltage and current. Values are displayed on a 3 ½ digit LED readout.

Optional LXI Class C Ethernet or IEEE-488.2 interface are optional with both models. 

For further information, please contact Westek Electronics .

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