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Sinusoidal output filter for inverters

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article image FN 5010 sinusoidal output filters.

SCHAFFNER FN 5010 sinusoidal output filters, available from Westek Electronics , are intended for variable speed drive outputs.

The FN 5010 aids the smooth running of motors by virtually eliminating counter-phase harmonics. The filter also minimises parasitic motor noise, provides efficiency through low eddy current losses with associated temperature rise, and minimises fast rise-time pulses that compromise insulation materials.

In addition the use of the FN 5010 permits the use of up to 300m of unshielded cable between drive and motor (400m for shielded cable). The FN 5010 low-pass LC filters are suited to 415V three phase outputs, and have line current ratings ranging from 2.5A to 610A.

The filters are also available as a 690V ac line voltage version in the same current range (FN 5010HV). Inverter frequency (fundamental) can be up to 70Hz with inverter switching frequency in the range of 4kHz to 16kHz.

The FN 5010 filters are of rugged construction and have an operating temperature range from -25°C to +85°C. The FN 5010 filters are supplied as IP00 components suitable for building into cabinets and other fixtures. Terminal blocks are provided for connections to a current rating of 150A. For higher ratings, copper bar connections are provided.

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