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Sine wave filters for PWM equipment

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article image Can also be used to drive transformers.

THE new MTE series A sine wave filters from Westek Electronics are suited to service as output filters for variable speed drives, UPS systems, and other PWM equipment with switching frequencies between 2kHz and 8kHz.

The MTE filters can also be used to drive transformers in applications requiring electrical power return to the mains and voltage step-up where extremely long motor cable runs are used.

The use of a sine wave output filter has important advantages including the extension of motor life through reducing dv/dt slopes to insulation safety-acceptable limits and significantly reducing motor temperatures.

Their use can also significantly extend the maximum distance permissible between motor and drive in variable speed drive applications; distances to 5000 metres are possible, for example, depending on environmental factors.

The MTE series A filters are available in two voltage ranges; 440-480V ac and 550-600V ac. Current ratings for both series range from 9 amps to 720 amps line current.

Maximum voltage distortion for transformer loads is 5%, and for motor loads on full load 5% typically.

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