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Selective dual band probe

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article image Exhibits a very wide dynamic field range.

WESTEK Electronics has released a selective dual band probe for use with the Smart Fieldmeter series of precision omni directional RF field strength instruments, the PI-01V-900/1900.

This unique probe covers two GSM bands 925-960MHz and 1805-1880MHz and performs the function of two separate radio frequency probes.

The probe sensitivity in two GSM bands is almost constant for high accuracy of the field measurements and, at the same time, the probe exhibits excellent attenuation of out of band signals like AM, FM, TV stations and multiple sources operating at 2.4GHz.

The probe also exhibits a very wide dynamic field range 0.2-400V/m, which is important for field applications in the vicinity of transmitting towers.

The in-band response flatness is 1dB, 925 to 960MHz and 1805 to 1880MHz while the probes rotational isotropicity is less than 0.6dB.

The dynamic range covers 0.2V to 400V per metre and the linearity is 1.5dB overall and 1.0dB on any range (10-150%).

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