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Schaffner’s Combination NEMP/TEMPEST Line Filters available from Westek Electronics

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article image Schaffner’s Combination NEMPTEMPEST Line Filters

Westek Electronics  offers a new range of line filters designed for use in military warfare applications.  

The Schaffner FN 700Z TEMPEST/NEMP line filter series is primarily designed for use in electronic warfare applications.  

Since the line filters meet highly stringent requirements, they are also suitable for applications that demand protection against very high transient pulses while providing a very high degree of emission protection.  

The E1 component of nuclear electromagnetic pulses is produced when gamma radiation from the nuclear detonation knocks electrons out of the atoms in the upper atmosphere. The electrons begin to travel in a generally downward direction at relativistic speeds.  

The Earth's magnetic field acts on these electrons to change the direction of electron flow to a right angle to the geomagnetic field.  

This interaction of the Earth's magnetic field and the downward electron flow produces a very large, but very brief electromagnetic pulse over the affected area causing the field strength to saturate at about 50,000 volts per metre.  

A TEMPEST event is defined as an unintentional transmission of compromising radio frequencies. The Schaffner FN 700Z line filters provide a very high degree of emission protection as required by military/intelligence standards (up to 3 GHz).  

The topology of the filter series provides transient protection via an MOV-spark gap circuit and a 3-stage filter section.  

The Schaffner FN 700Z series line filters are suitable for line currents from 6 to 20 amps, and an operating frequency from DC to 400 Hz (6 and 10 amps).

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