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Schaffner EMI Three-phase Filter available from Westek Electronics

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The Schaffner EMI Three-phase Filter, from Westek Electronics , can fully utilise a three-conductor topology and is well suited to three-phase power drive applications.
The Schaffner EMI Three-phase Filter has the following features:

  • EMI filter ratings to 2500 amps
  • Select for applications including regenerative drives
  • Chassis and DIN-rail mounting EMI filter
  • Very low leakage current versions available
  • EMI filter models available to suit long VSD motor cables
  • Combination EMI and harmonics filter
  • Choice of three wire or four wire EMC filter circuitry

A unique feature of this type of EMI filter is that Schaffner fully specifies the EMI filter performance at maximum current ratings to demonstrate the superior saturation characteristics of their filter designs.

Where sensitive earth leakage circuit breakers are installed a low leakage current EMI filter can be specified where the leakage current is less than 1mA.

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