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Schaffner EMC/EMI low leakage filters available from Westek Electronics

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article image Schaffner EMC/EMI low leakage filters

Schaffner has introduced a new series of EMC/EMI single-phase, 240 V AC low leakage filters, available from Westek Electronics . The low leakage filters are suitable for use in medical apparatus, test and measurement devices and IT equipment as well as automation systems. 

A metal base plate is used to ensure correct grounding while the rest of the housing of the low leakage filters is constructed from plastic materials, avoiding the use of potting compounds as well as complying with RoHS requirements. Circuit topology of the filters comprises of Cy (common mode noise rejection) and Cx (asymmetrical noise attenuation) capacitors and balanced core high impedance inductors for line conducted noise. 

Special ultra-low leakage filters are available with leakage current at 0.002 milliamp or less. The standard version of the the low leakage filters has 0.73mA leakage whereas the low leakage filters have 0.52mA leakage. The low leakage filters are available in current ranges of 6, 10, 16, and 20 amps.

Installation is via screw-terminals covered by hinged shrouds to prevent accidental touching of live conductors.

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