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Powerex rectifier diodes available from Westek Electronics

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article image Powerex R700 rectifier diode

General purpose semiconductor rectifier diode series features high current ratings up to 550 amps, high voltage ratings to 4,400 volts using an industry standard housing.

Powerex, represented in Australia by Westek Electronics , offers Powerex R700 and R701 rectifier diode series.

The Powerex R700 and R701 rectifier diode series suit critical applications such as welding, battery charging, electrochemical refining, metal reduction and industrial high current rectification.

The standard diode housing features the well known and easy to mount ¾ inch stud with 16 UNF-2A thread pitch and flexible 245mm long top lead.

Stud top connections and flat flange bases are available as options. The special ceramic section used for the diode body results in good high voltage creepage and strike paths.

For high reliability and good thermal characteristics, compression bonded encapsulation is used for the silicon diode disc, which leads to low thermal resistance, low forward voltage drop and a strong mechanical connection.

The three current/voltage grades available for these diode rectifiers are 300, 450 and 550 amps (average); 7kA, 8kA and 10kA half cycle surge; 1,600, 2,600 and 4,400 volts repetitive peak reverse voltage ratings respectively. Both normal and reverse polarity semiconductor diode types are available with this rectifier series.

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