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Power electronics components from Westek Electronics

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Westek Electronics  offer a large range of power electronics components, which are suitable for demanding applications of high frequency and high current.

The devices include the following:

  • Power semiconductors
  • Pulse transformers
  • Power electronic capacitors
  • Energy storage and power factor correction capacitors
  • Variable voltage transformers (Variacs)
  • Surge diverters
  • DC to AC power inverters and intelligent battery chargers
  • Power supply modules for OEMs

Power semiconductor components:

  • Phase control and distributed gate (fast turn-off) SCRs
  • Gate turn off thyristors - GTOs
  • High frequency thyristors for induction furnaces and UPS etc
  • Rectifier diodes and fast recovery diodes
  • Fast acting semiconductor fuses
  • Rectifier assemblies for electrowinning and battery charging
  • Diode products including epitaxial wafers, PIN diodes and varactors
  • High energy metal oxide varistors – MOVs
  • High voltage diodes and stack assemblies

Pulse transformers:

The Schaffner range of pulse transformers from Westek Electronics includes single, and fully potted, multi-output winding pulse transformers suitable for applications including the following:

  • Ignition of Triacs, Thyristors, SCRs and IGBT’s
  • Driving bi-polar transistors, MOSFETs
  • Line coupling for high speed data transmission
  • DC-DC converters with high galvanic isolation

Power capacitors:

Self-healing DC, AC and DC/AC capacitors

  • Commutation, surge discharge and smoothing
  • Filtering capacitors
  • Buffer storage capacitors for chopper applications
  • Low inductance AC/DC axial design capacitors
  • PCB mounting capacitors and suitable for commutation, smoothing, surge discharge, etc; and DC link energy storage
  • Customised designs including customer specific housings
  • High voltage capacitors
  • Power factor correction capacitors

Variac variable transformers:

  • Continuously variable Dimmerstat auto transformers and voltage stabilisers for applications from the testing of electrical and electronic equipment to power regulation in industrial processes such as plating rectifiers, cathodic protection rectifiers and battery chargers
  • Manually variable autotransformers
  • Air cooled as well as oil cooled types
  • Motor-driven single and three-phase configurations
  • Variable transformers remotely using 4-20 mA process control loops

The Automatic Electric Dimmerstat current range spans from below one amp to several hundreds of amps in oil-cooled constructions and Westek Electronics can provide tailor-made assemblies to suit several applications.

Modular Powerstax DC power supplies:

  • Stacking, modular DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies that are easily customised
  • Configurations comprising of 6-slot and 4-slot mainframe including AC/DC inputs
  • Adjustable voltage ranges from 1.5VDC to 3.6VDC at the low end and up to 28 to 58VDC
  • High power efficiency, handling up to 1200 watts supplied with EMC filtering

Surge diverters:

  • Field-mounted Zymax lightning and surge barriers designed to fit onto spare gland holes on most commercially available 2-, 3- and 4-wire process control transmitters
  • Wide bandwidth devices for field bus installations
  • High current gas arrestors rated at 20kA

Pure sine-wave DC to AC inverters:

  • Single-phase medium to high power, high efficiency DC to AC inverters provide users with low distortion sine wave outputs with a voltage THD of less than 3% including even the low power units rated at 200 watts
  • IGBT half-bridge, full bridge and three-phase inverter cards for applications including traction, UPS, variable speed drives, battery chargers and industrial frequency converters

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