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article image The Voltech PM 6000 ac/dc power analyser.

THE new Voltech PM 6000 ac/dc Power Analyser is a modular system with provision for up to six freely assignable floating analyser channels.

Available from Westek Electronics Pty Ltd , the PM 6000 is therefore suitable for power and energy measurement tasks including conversion efficiency of half-wave and full-wave rectifiers, converters, inverters, variable speed drive efficiency and generally the power and energy consumption of single and three-phase devices as well power line analysis tasks.

Ancillaries available include precision current shunts with in-built calibration and dual-ratio current transformers, clamp-on transformers, ballast current transformers for lighting applications and a solid-state inrush switch with circuit energisation selectable at the zero voltage crossing point or at peak value.

Planned ancillaries include a torque and angular velocity transducer for mechanical power measurements.

The Voltech PM 6000 has a maximum sampling rate of 40MSPS, providing an effective bandwidth of 10MHz per channel.

Analysis parameters include watts, trms current and voltage, frequency, displacement and true power factor, apparent power and reactive power, harmonics (to the 100th order) of current, voltage and power, total harmonic distortion of the foregoing with a choice of computation formulae, peak, crest factor and rectified mean values of current and voltage, maximum and minimum hold functions (useful for inrush current testing), integration for energy measurement and mathematics functions for parameters including efficiency and transformer k-factors as well as impedance calculations.

The Voltech PM 6000 is well suited to star/delta power transformer testing including magnetisation characteristics because of high accuracy power factor measurement at close to 90° phase angles.

The Voltech PM 6000 mainframe is equipped with a large VGA full colour display and RS 232 connectivity with IEEE 488, Ethernet and PCMCIA interfaces becoming available.

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