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New version production tester available from Westek Electronics

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article image Voltech ATi production tester

The Voltech ATi production tester available from Westek Electronics is suitable for transformers, telecommunication transformers (ISDN, DSL and HDSL), ferrites, toroids, wire-wound coils, inductors, passive components including capacitors. Testing frequencies range from 20 Hz to 3 MHz.

Available test combinations include L, C, Z, q, Rs, X, Q, and D as well as transformer parameters such as leakage inductance, mutual inductance, turns ratio, interwinding capacitance, insulation resistance, and in total 29 parameters.

The ATi production tester has an internal 20-node Kelvin matrix. The Voltech fixturing system permits easy connection of a large variety of devices and testing times can be as short as 1 second for 15 sequential measurements.

Over 100 measurement programs can be stored that utilise programmable voltage and current drives.

The ATi production tester has RS232 ports and has editor and server Windows-based software packages.

Statistical process analysis utilising object link embedding permits test results received by the server to pass into second applications such as Excel spreadsheets.

The use of Voltech’s ATi model DC 1000, DC power supply enables the biasing of components being tested with the possibility of programming the current by means of the RS232 link from the production tester.

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