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New power analysers from Westek Electronics are web-accessible

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article image Janitza UMG 511 Power Analysers

The new Janitza UMG 511 Power Analysers are 144 x 144 panel-mounting instruments providing power quality analysis in accordance with EN 61000-4-30, harmonics and inter-harmonics in accordance with EN 61000-4-7, and flicker according to EN 61000-4-15. The instrument is suitable for measurement at the distribution and individual installation level for earthed neutral and multiple earthed neutral systems (500 V, Cat III). The UMG 511 home page permits the calling up of data and configuring of the instrument.

Voltage (LL, LN), current, power and power quality measurements are carried out up to the 63rd harmonic utilizing 4 voltage and 4 current monitoring channels thus allowing analysis of neutral conductor parameters and the storing of over 2000 parameters.

The UMG 511 are extremely fast and efficient power analysers equipped with a 500 MHz DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Continuous sampling of the 8 channels with 20 kHz per channel and 5 digital outputs as well as 8 inputs provide a highly flexible control and analysis environment. The instrument is provided with a large on board memory of 256 MB flash disk, and is equipped with protocols for building and energy management. Protocols provided include TCP/IP, BACnet, NTP, FTP, SNMP and DHCP.

The Janitza UMG 511 power quality analysers are supplied with a CD containing a data management software package (GridVis). GridVis allows application-tailored output of online data. The topology offers a quick overview of the power grid and the possibility to compare measuring points to one another as well the supervision of defined tolerances at a glance.

The Janitza UMG 511 power quality analysers are available from Westek Electronics .

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