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New RFI filter available from Westek Electronics

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article image Schaffner FN 9233-E RFI filter

The new Schaffner FN 9233-E RFI single-stage, filter with IEC socket connector is equipped with an earth line choke to suppress RF earth currents.

The choke provides a high degree of isolation against nuisance RF interference both from being exported or imported.

The FN 9233-E has some 6 dB of additional differential and common model attenuation compared to earlier Schaffner models and many competitive products.

The filters thus provide improved safety margin necessary for meeting EMC compliance, in particular for tough applications including higher frequency SMPS devices.

The enhanced performance has been achieved through the use of high saturation resistance core material with good thermal behaviour.

A wide range of currents to 15 Amps including a new 8 Amp range is available for increased economical design flexibility.

The new Schaffner FN 9233 filter offers other significant cost advantages in addition to a short path to EMC approval, by providing an integrated filter/connector package which adapts to a wide range of chassis thicknesses ranging from 0.7 mm to 1.5 mm (another version is also available offering a thickness range from 1.5 mm to 2.2 mm) with the opportunity to specify snap-in versions.

For medical applications versions are available without Cy capacitors and in addition versions with earth line chokes provide reduction in HF earth loop currents.

Schaffner FN 9233-E RFI filter is available from Westek Electronics.

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