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MATRIX D Harmonic Filters from Westek Electronics

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MATRIX D harmonic filters available from Westek Electronics offer an excellent solution to reducing harmonics and are now rated at a maximum of 1200 amps.     

MATRIX D harmonic filters are broadband devices and therefore very effective when compared to active filters but available at a significantly lower cost.  

MATRIX D harmonic filters can be installed without any need to survey the electrical installation in detail for harmonic patterns, which can fluctuate greatly.  

Key features of MTE MATRIX series D harmonic filters:  

  • Reduces retrofitting obstacles by providing a series of high performance filters that are significantly smaller in volumetric size and offer considerable savings in weight and cost
  • Cuts heat dissipation in cables, busbars and switchboards, reducing load on substation transformers while providing superior dynamic performance in plants with variably loaded electronic drives
  • Multiple 3-phase inductor with a common core-based filter
  • Patented unitary magnetic circuit topology represents a significant refinement over series B while offering similar reliability

Key advantages of the new MTE MATRIX technology:  

  • Saves up to two-thirds of filter space
  • Smaller capacitors
  • Designed to outperform 18-pulse converter stages for variable speed drive DC-links
  • Reduces harmonic content in current to as little as 5% at fill load 
  • Represents a 40% reduction over harmonic levels from other commercially available filters

MTE MATRIX series D harmonic filters are available in 415V and 690V options with line current rating from 6 amps to 1200 amps. Current ratings can be increased by paralleling filters.

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