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Lilco High Frequency CTs from Westek Electronics

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Lilco high frequency current transformers (CTs) are now available in Australia through Westek Electronics .  

The RF CTs by Lilco are high, flat bandwidth devices offering total galvanic isolation as well as superior performance to current shunts whose performance is limited by parasitic capacitance and inductance.  

Lilco transformers are passive devices and therefore avoid distortion that can be introduced by amplifying circuits. Lilco current transformers are available in the frequency range of 0.1 Hz - 100 MHz. Lilco high frequency CTs perform better than Rogowski coils and Hall-effect transducers.  

Key features of Lilco high frequency CTs: 

  • Superior performance with rectangular pulse offering minimal to no phase shift
  • High core saturation characteristics result in high I-t (current-time integral) for rectangular pulses and Ip/f (peak sinusoidal current to frequency)
  • Impressive phase shift performance with a less than 6-degree error within 1 decade of the cut-off frequency If

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