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Invaluable design guide for chokes and filters

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article image Würth Elektronik’s new guide book covers the selection and applications of filters.

A comprehensive 300 page design guide for filters and chokes is now available from Westek Electronics .

Published by Würth Elektronik, the book ‘A Trilogy of Inductors’ has been written by three specialist engineers and covers topics such as grounding systems, component placement, filter circuit lay-out, noise suppression including the use of ferrites, use of filter simulation systems and an enormously practical collection of application examples including mains filters, power supplies, USB interfaces, dc-dc converters, amplifiers/multiplexers, stepping motor drivers, bus interfaces such as CAN and AS-I - well over fifty major applications.

Würth Elektronik is one of Europe's leading supplier of filters, inductors, ferrites, EMC suppression mats and tapes.

The book is not a product catalogue and is intended for design engineers.

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