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Westek Electronics provides a range of products from MTE Corporation and Schaffner, designed to reduce harmonics, improve the reliability of power electronic systems and variable or adjustable frequency drives.

Easily resolve common harmonics problems
These power quality products are designed to solve problems associated with harmonics including:
  • Overheating of switchboards and busbars
  • False tripping of thermal element protective gear
  • Overheating of sub-station transformers
Keep your equipment running longer with MTE Line/Load Reactors
Line Load reactors help keep your equipment running longer by absorbing many of the power line disturbances which otherwise damage or shut down your inverters, variable speed controllers, or other sensitive equipment. In many cases reactors will help you comply with IEEE 519 standards. Applications include:
  • Protect motors from long lead effects
  • Reduce output voltage dV/dT, harmonic distortion, surge currents, motor temperature and motor audible noise
  • Virtually eliminate nuisance tripping
  • Extend semiconductor life
  • Improve true power factor
  • Helps meet IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-4
Minimise harmonics cost effectively and easily with MTE Harmonic Filters
Harmonic Filters solve the problem of harmonic distortion on virtually any two or six pulse rectifier. These power supplies are commonly found in electronic equipment like adjustable speed motor drives, welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other equipment. Reduce harmonics in the following applications:
  • AC variable speed drives (VSD)
  • DC adjustable speed drives
  • Electronic welders
  • Battery chargers
  • Fans and pumps
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Elevator drives
  • 3 phase power supplies
  • Any 6 pulse rectifier
  • Helps Meet IEEE 519 or EN 61000-3-4
MTE dV dT Filters reduces dv/dt and peak volatges
dV dT filters are designed to protect AC motors from the destructive effects of long lead peak voltages. Depending on the turn on time of the power semiconductors used in the inverter, size of the motor and cable length, these peak voltages can be extreme. Benefits of dV dT Filters include:
  • Reduction in motor peak voltages
  • Protection of motor insulation wiring
  • Reduction of motor temperature
  • Extended motor bearing life
Eliminate the problem of motor or cable insulation failures with MTE Sinewave Filters
Sinewave Filters also protect AC motors from the destructive affects of long cable runs between an inverter and motor. Sinewave Filters are designed to provide a Sine wave output voltage when driven from variable frequency drives or other types of PWM inverters with switching frequencies from 2kHz to 8kHz.

For Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) applications, Sinewave Filters eliminate the problem of motor/cable insulation failures, heating, and audible noise. Sinewave Filters also reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) by eliminating the high dV dT associated with inverter output waveforms.

MTE Corporation products are represented by Westek Electronics who also provide technical services and application information. Westek Electronics information and contact details


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