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High voltage differential probe

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article image Schaffner MD200 probe -- pulses to 7000 volts.

THE new Schaffner MD200 high voltage differential probe, available from Westek Electronics , is suitable for the verification of voltage surge pulse outputs from EMC test generators.

The probe is an essential calibration tool for test generators used in mission critical measurements for industrial, automotive and telecom and other applications.

The Schaffner MD200 can measure pulses to 7000 volts with very short rise times owing to the bandwidth from dc to 70MHz. Common mode noise rejection is -80dB at 50Hz and -60dB at 20kHz. Two attenuation ranges are provided: 1/100 and 1/1000.

The use of the Schaffner MD200 differential probe avoids any safety hazard associated with the single input probes which can render oscilloscope or other measuring instrument chassis at mains plus peak voltage potential.

The MD200 is also suitable for the safe measurement of power line voltages thereby avoiding the use of specially adapted oscilloscopes.

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