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Harmonics and flicker pre-compliance testing made easy with new Voltech software from Westek Electronics

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article image New software from Voltech to make harmonics and flicker pre-compliance testing easy is now available from Westek Electronics

Voltech has released new software for pre-compliance testing for harmonics, inter-harmonics and flicker, which is now available from Westek Electronics

The pre-compliance requirements of EN61000-3-2 (harmonics), and EN61000-3-3 (flicker) as well as harmonics and inter-harmonics (EN61000-4-7) are met by the new software, which utilizes data obtained by the proprietary software incorporated in Voltech’s PM1000+ power analyzer. Data is exported from the Voltech PM1000+ to a PC utilizing the new Windows-based software package.

The strong advantage of the Voltech pre-compliance software is that it can eliminate costly laboratory time involved in full compliance testing. It is also fast and convenient in terms of testing protocol as an AC source and impedance network are not necessary.

The Voltech PM1000+ Precision Power and Energy Analyser is suitable for standby power, energy and inrush current measurement. Voltage and current can be measured to 600V rms and 20 Amp rms with crest factors to 20, respectively. Power, apparent power and reactive power can be measured to 90 kW/VA as well as power factor from –1.000 through 0 to +1.000, in the frequency range from DC and from 10 Hz to 1 MHz. Energy can be measured in watt-hours and VA-hours utilising integration windows from 1 to 300 seconds. Harmonics are analysed to the 50th order for both current and voltage, as are THD for voltage and current.

A Voltech Ballast Current Transformer is available to permit accurate energy usage data for fluorescent lighting, having current and voltage phase errors of less than 1º and 3º respectively.

For power line analysis the instrument can be equipped with clamp-on and voltage transducers.

The Voltech PM1000+ is provided with USB, IEEE and RS232 ports and is thus suitable for use in production environments.

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