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article image The Motech MT1010 power analyser.

THE new handheld Motech MT1010 power analyser from Westek is suited to applications including individual voltage and current harmonics to the 40th order as well as total harmonic distortion.

It is also suitable for energy and power consumption, inrush current measurements, power factor and power factor correction requirements, and efficiency measurements.

The Motech MT1010 has direct current (dc + ac) and isolated current (dc + ac) inputs for both power and energy measurements as well as for harmonics analysis.

An optional low current load adaptor (MT11A) is available and suitable for the measurement of currents as low as milliamps for devices including mobile phone chargers, ac to dc adaptors, and UPS systems.

The Motech MT1010 is suitable for measurements in single phase and three phase (three and four wire) circuits. It will measure directly voltages to 900V (rms) and 30A (rms) and, in addition to the direct connection mode (by means of the load adaptor which is supplied as standard), can be used with shunts or CTs and with PTs.

The MT1010 measures kWh, kVA, displacement and true power factor, frequency, true rms as well as peak-to-peak, peak and crest factor for voltage and current.

Harmonics are measured both as amplitudes and phase angle with respect to the fundamental phase lag or lead. The MT1010 can be powered from the power adaptor or from its rechargeable battery.

An optional RS232 to infrared adaptor is available for data downloading and printing.

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