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Full-featured laboratory DMM with USB port

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article image Features MatLab and LabView software.

THE new Picotest M3500A six and a half digit DMM with USB port and optional 10 channel scanner card is suited to R&D, scientific and production and service tasks.

Available from Westek Electronics Pty Ltd , the Picotest M3500A measures ac and dc voltage, dc and ac current, resistance and temperature for E, J, K, N, R, S and T thermocouples.

The instrument is provided with 5x7 dot-matrix, two-line, colour-coded display and with a USB port permitting data transfer rates of up to 2000 readings per second.

MatLab and LabView software permit the user to carry out a large variety of tasks.

The Picotest M3500A is characterised by high accuracy and stability providing, for example, a voltage accuracy over a 24 hour period of 0.0015% of reading.

Voltage is measured to 1000Vdc (750Vac), current to 3A ac/dc, resistance to 100MΩ and frequency/period to 300kHz.

Options include a GPIB interface card, thermal adapter for thermocouples and an RTD probe adaptor.

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