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Field strength measurement meter

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article image Omnidirectional probe with an isotropicity of ±1.5 dB.

WESTEK Electronics has released the Smart Fieldmeter, suitable for field strength measurements in applications including AM and FM radio stations, TV stations, cellular telephony, industrial apparatus and EMC testing.

Field strength measurement can be made to frequencies as high as 3GHz.

The instrument uses an omnidirectional probe with an isotropicity of ±1.5 dB. The dynamic range is from 0.2V/m to 600V/m with a frequency response of ±2.5 dB.

The Smart Fieldmeter is suitable for measurements based on average, pulse and peak measurements. In each case the rms value is indicated. Autozeroing, or user-initiated zeroing operates correctly even in high strength electromagnetic fields.

The instrument has a 3.5-digit LCD and remote monitor output for ‘scopes, dataloggers or voltmeters. It is provided with a standard tripod probe mount, remote monitor cable, and hard carrying case.

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