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Ferrite beads solve EMI problems

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article image Supported by detailed impedance-frequency characteristics.

WÜRTH Elektronik, represented in Australia by Westek Electronics , has released a range of ferrite beads that solve EMI problems. The products range from the CBF series comprised of seven basic frequency response characteristic groupings with impedance curves to 2GHz to the five-hole ferrite beads.

The principal device series includes the Star-Tec round-cable snap-on (a safety key opens the no-spring ferrite enclosure), the Star-Gap defined air gap, the Star-Ring no spring no air gap snap-on, and the Star-Flat suitable for ribbon cable ferrites.

Other devices include ferrite sleeves, rings, split-cores (with nylon clamp), snap-in ferrites with adhesive pad, elongated ferrite cores for ribbon cables, as well as an extensive range of toroids, axial ferrites and beads.

All Würth Elektronik products are supported by detailed impedance-frequency characteristics.

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