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Elastomer tape with diverse uses

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article image Ideal for spiral taping applications.

TOMMY Tape is manufactured from a specially formulated silicone rubber compound and has a self-bonding/non-adhesive characteristic that fuses to itself within 24 hours, leaving no mastic residue if removed.

It is capable of resisting temperatures of -54°C to +260°C and can be applied in various "extreme temperature" applications with little if any outgassing, atypical total volatiles level being less than 0.5% at +200°C.

Tommy Tape is available from Westek Electronics in rectangular and low-apex cross section, with the latter version ideal for spiral taping applications.

The tape is manufactured in white, grey, orange, yellow, black, green, blue, and red as well as with a fluorescent coating. It has 300% elongation, stretches to form-fit virtually any odd shape, and will not crack or unravel during expansion or contraction.

Electrically, Tommy Tape exhibits a high volume resistivity of 3 x 1014 ohm-cm and a dissipation factor of 0.0004 at 1kHz, as well as a high dielectric strength at 157kV/cm.

Tommy Tape can replace heat shrink tubing in most cases and offers exceptional sealing for all types of electrical connectors including co-axial types exposed to dust, contamination, moisture or wash down.

It can even be applied under water.

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