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EMC filter for critical and NEMP applications

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article image Schaffner multi-stage filter.

THE Schaffner FN 700 Z TEMPEST, multi-stage filters are characterised by very high insertion loss response curves. With a 50 ohm source and output impedance, symmetrical insertion loss is well in excess of 80dB to 3GHz and beyond.

Available from Westek Electronics , the filters are available in current ratings of 6, 10, and 20 amp at temperatures of 40°C.

NEMP protection is provided through the input stage comprising of MOV padded gas discharge device and two chokes and a Cx capacitor. This is followed by two further L-C stages providing symmetrical RF immunity protection.

The Schaffner FN 700 Z NEMP filters are ideal for applications requiring very high EMC protection and are also designed to protect downstream equipment against high energy impulses and NEMP (Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse events) which can occur when a nuclear weapon is detonated above the earth’s atmosphere.

Schaffner TEMPEST filters are specifically designed to significantly reduce this risk and are thus an essential item in strategic apparatus.

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