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Dc power supply and load unit

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THE new Motech PPS-120X GSM series dual channel dc source/current sink power supply/loads available from Westek Electronics are suitable for testing mobile phone and other battery operated equipment.

They are especially suitable for systems incorporating rechargeable batteries in which case the Motech PPS-120X units supply charging power while checking battery drain at the same time.

All power supply/load units have two output channels which can be configured as either dc volts and amps out or dc current sink.

There are three models available in the range, two of which (PPS-1201GSM/-A) have programmable voltage and current outputs of 0-8V and 0-3A respectively, and a sinking current range of 0-3A (the third model in the range has outputs in the range of 0-18V and 0-4A, and a sinking current range of 0-4A).

The PPS-1201GSM-A has a highly accurate low current range as well as sink from 0 to -3mA (sink) and 0 to +3mA (source). The PPS-120X GSM series has a GPIB interface, electronic calibration via front panel controls or the GPIB port, output enable/disable, remote sensing function and power-off memory.

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