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Common-mode suppressing inductors

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article image Highest possible ratio of asymmetric to symmetric impedance.

WÜRTH, represented in Australia by Westek Electronics , has released common mode suppressing inductors that cover applications including USB ports, Firewire/IEEE 1394 configurations, LAN, PBX, PCs, power supplies, industrial buses, audio and video signals.

The inductors have close coupling and high winding symmetry, assuring the highest possible ratio of asymmetric to symmetric impedance. Both single-pair and dual-pair configurations are available as well as ring-core inductors offering small leakage fields.

The complete product range includes SMD components such as multi-layer devices and wire-wound inductors, power inductors in SMD packages (including flat-wire as well as leaded toroidal executions), and multi-layer SMD devices.

To assist designers with the selection of suitable inductors, a design guide including detailed explanations of both theory and practice is available.

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