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Combined ac and dc power supply

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article image MX15 ac/dc power supply.

CALIFORNIA Instruments MX series 15, 30, 45, 90 and 135kVA combined ac and dc power supplies are designed for cost-effective product testing and integrate readily into ATE systems.

The 15kVA system is single phase only. The 30 and 45kVA systems are available with single or three phase outputs, and the 90 and 135kVA are available as three-phase only.

Available from Westek Electronics , the MX series provides full ac power and dc power up to 65% of ac ratings.

The MX series 15 and the three-phase versions of the 30 and 45kVA power supplies as well as the 90 and 135kVA supplies are available as programmable units utilising one of two programming options: a standard version and a version supporting the generation of arbitrary waveforms and arbitrary harmonic waveforms (including the harmonic analysis of voltages and currents) as well as the acquisition of waveforms.

Both programmers allow the control, via a GUI, of output parameters, creation, running, saving, reloading, and printing of transient programs.

(Note: programmed versions of the MX series permit output of ac + dc thus supporting transient conditions testing).

Output voltages of 150/200 and 300/400 volts and frequencies of 500Hz maximum or 1000Hz maximum may be selected.

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