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Attenuator and pulse suppressor for EMC testing

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article image The AFJ model PAT20 pulse limiter.

A COMMON problem in RF emission testing is the occurrence of high energy pulses as the operator switches the test receiver between active and neutral lines in order to measure RF emission signals on them originating from the connected DUT.

LISN's incorporate both capacitors and inductors and the LISN's RF connection to the RF-emission measuring receiver or spectrum analyser is generally not capable of suppressing dangerous switching transients due to to the switching of these components to the receiver.

The new AFJ model PAT20 pulse limiter and precision attenuator, available from Westek Electronics , overcomes this vexing problem.

The AFJ PAT20 consists of diode limiter and low pass compensation sector in combination with a precision 20dB attenuator, providing an operative bandwidth from 9kHz to 30MHz.

The device safely handles high energy transients to 400 milliwatt-seconds.

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