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APS Inverters for motor controls and SMPS from Westek Electronics

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The new APS SixPac inverter is a flexible, integrated IGBT based power assembly with applications including motor controls, switch mode power supplies (SMPS), UPS, welders, etc. The inverters operate at frequencies in excess of 20kHz.

The SixPac devices can be configured as a full bridge or three-phase bridge inverter mounted on an air-cooled or liquid-cooled heat sink. Configurations include options for (full, half or no control) converter input circuitry, inverter output circuitry, cooling and a wide variety of drivers and safety features for the converter front end and IGBT inverter output stage.

High switching frequencies are achieved by the low inductance laminated bus structure, and optically isolated or fiber optically coupled gate drive interfaces.

The SixPac provides built in protection features include over voltage, under voltage lockout, over current, over temperature, short circuit and optional airflow or liquid flow indicators. Configurations include a choice of converter front ends, rectifier, half or full SCR control, with or without SCR gate firing boards and soft-start circuitry.

A choice of cooling methods, forced air or liquid is also available. Customer-provided PWM with optically coupled or fiber optic links can be used as input to the IGBT interface. Current feedback is provided by Hall effect transducers.

The SixPac inverters are rated to maximum input voltages up to 800 VDC, and collector current ratings are available to 200 amps and maximum dissipation of 500 watts. They are available from Westek Electronics .

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