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AFJ Test System for luminaries available from Westek Electronics

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The new AFJ Test System for luminaires permits the testing of both electronic and traditional ballasted luminaires, including those with switch-type starter circuits.

Conducted and radiated interference effects can be measured. Conducted RFI is analysed utilising a LISN and radiated interference is measures using a van Veen loop antenna comprising of three orthogonally arranged loops enclosing a platform on which the DUT is situated.

Central to the AFJ testing arrangement is the ER55 super heterodyne measurement receiver.

The main features include peak, quasi-peak and AV detectors (the latter two operating simultaneously), corrected pulse weighting according to CISPR 16-1, measuring bandwidths of 200 Hz, 9 kHz, 120 kHz, (and 1 MHz in the case of the 3 GHz model ER55CR), built-in AM and FM demodulation, built-in tracking generator including insertion loss measurement according to CISPR 15 and a powerful CPU with 1 Mbyte dynamic memory.

The receivers incorporate a pulse limiter/attenuator which protects the high sensitivity preamplifier stages from spikes that might occur during conducted interference tests.

The AFJ receivers are equipped for LAN and Internet remote control, on-line calibration and firmware upgrades can be accessed remotely.

The new open software available for the AFJ measurement receivers permit spectrum analysis in accordance with CISPR 16-1 and other various military standards. Full automation such as the control of turntables and antenna masts are also easily achieved.

AFJ Test System for luminaries is available from Westek Electronics.

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