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Westek Electronics VRp range of AC voltage stabilisers are electronically (PWM) controlled with no moving components.  This results in a high degree of reliability and much faster correction response time.

VRp Advantages & Benefits

  • Servo-motor based or tap-switching AVRs (automatic voltage regulators) are not suitable for sensitive load equipment such as switch mode power supplies, rectifiers using solid-state devices and air conditioners, because of their slow response times and inherent performance limitations.
  • VRp (precision PWM voltage regulators) can be used to protect all types of electronic & electrical equipment, even in areas with highly unstable AC mains voltages.
  • VRp provides failsafe protection of even the most sensitive equipment with 20 ms voltage correction time and cycle-by cycle voltage regulation without interrupting the load current.

Application of Voltage Stabilisers

  • Certain locations have insufficient infrastructures for the generation and distribution of good quality electricity
  • Too many electricity users competing for limited available power and distribution capacity, causing significant voltage fluctuations. (nominal 230 vac can actually vary over 150~330 vac range)
  • Standard power supplies, rectifier/chargers and air-conditioners are not designed to withstand such a wide input voltage window
  • The likely result is high equipment failure rates, leading to unexpected and prolonged system downtimes and increased costs for maintenance and repair
  • VRp Voltage stabilisers will stabilise the output voltage to 230V L-N on single phase or 3 phase applications. Many power levels are available ranging from 1KVA to 50KVA
  • VRp voltage stabilisers also include built in surge suppression to further protect your equipment from surges and voltage spikes

Commonusers of VRp Voltage Stabilisers

  • Rectifiers & battery chargers in BTS (cellular base stations)
  • HVAC equipment
  • UPS systems
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • Medical equipment such as MRI, CT, X-ray machines
  • High performance colour printers and copiers
  • Computer rooms & data centres
  • PLC and production process control machines in factories
  • Computer controlled milling machines and lathes
  • Other mission-critical and/or sensitive electronic and electrical equipment and machinery

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