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AC/DC power and load system is programmable

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The new ReFlex Power AC/DC power and load system from Elgar is a modular array of plug-and-play AC and DC power supplies as well as DC electronic loads, and is LXI-based to permit intelligently controllable testing systems for a wide range of applications including avionics such as burn-in and testing hardware, automotive sub-system testing, process control in areas including control of electrolytic plating, and R&D.  

The ReFlex Power AC/DC power and load system comprises of 12-module mainframes each equipped with a fast proprietary communication bus. A single unit-width controller, the RFPä, controls and monitors all units in the mainframe. The controller is capable of controlling and monitoring up to eight mainframes. Thus a testing system can comprise of an array of as many as 95 modules of power sources and electronic loads. The RFP controller communicates with its host via LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation), and using ReFlex Power software, is able to flexibly configure customized topologies of series and parallel source and load combinations. In addition virtual outputs comprising of series-parallel configurations can be created thus, in effect, creating an expanded testing environment.  

The full range of ReFlex Power modules includes DC supplies with maximum output voltages from 16 Volt to 450 Volt and output powers from 330 Watt to 1 Kilowatt, and AC supplies with output voltages of 140 Volt and 280 Volt (875 VA rating), as well as 500 Volt DC loads capable of sinking up to 15 Amps and 30 Amps. The AC supplies are capable of handling highly non-linear loads with crest factors to 4.8:1, and with frequencies from 45 Hz to 5000 Hz.  

ReFlex Power mainframe and modules are rated to Class 3 Mil-PRF-28800F for shock and vibration making them ideal for Defense applications. 

The new ReFlex Power AC/DC power and load system is available from Westek Electronics .

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