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560-PDdevices MDSP3 surge protectors from Westek Electronics

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PD Devices MDSP3 series surge protector devices, from Westek Electronics provide comprehensive protection against incoming high voltage spikes and slower rise time disturbances for three-phase (415 volt) circuits. They are specifically designed for use on incomers at main switchboard level and can be combined with PD devices suitable for lower transient capacity at sub-distribution board level.

Features of the MDSP3 series surge protector devices include:

  • The MDSP3 series surge protector devices are suitable for power lines carrying up to 100 amps and provide protection between phase, phase to neutral, phase to earth and neutral to earth
  • The surge protector devices can be employed on higher rated current circuits provided appropriate fusing is installed upstream
  • The MDSP3 surge protector device series are parallel devices and are thus readily retrofitted
  • Being modular in construction, the appropriate protection level can be selected for customized protection levels
  • Three basic surge current level modules can be selected: 90, 150 and 300 kA for line transient current
  • 150 kA capacity neutral-earth module is also available
  • The standard MOV technology can also be substituted for extremely fast acting silicon avalanche diodes
  • The MDSP3 surge protector devices comply with the requirements of IEEE C62.41 1991, UL 1449-1985. and other international requirements
The MDSP3 series surge protector devices are two-stage devices. Under normal low energy transient operation only the first stage will operate with automatic reset occurring after the transient has passed. A green LED indicates that full protection is again available after the transient has occurred. However surge currents in excess of the module rating, although clamped, may well damage the first section. In this case the indication is provided by a red LED and the device should be replaced. Remote signaling options are available as NC or NO contacts in order to operate alarms, etc.

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