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On hire staff solution from Westaff

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Westaff  specialises in providing human resources solutions. Westaff was formed in 1964 delivering flexible and evolving service on human resource solutions. Westaff offers extensive range of services which includes recruitment selection and placement services, testing and assessment solution, permanent staffing, on location, time and attendance, HR management consulting, payroll plus and Westaff Santas etc.

Westaff provides recruitment selection and placement solution with invaluable experience and strong investment in development and training of recruitment consultant. Recruitment consultants are empowered with knowledge and skill that are needed to meet the changing demand of the employment market. Westaff provides assistance and advice with competence and experienced industrial knowledge of the service team.

Westaff specialises in providing on hire staffing suitable for dynamic environments of specific workplace. Westaff understood well that human resource problems needs immediate solutions. Westaff offers qualified on hire employees in specified time with just one phone call to meet any important deadlines. Westaff payroll 3,000 staffs in excess throughout Australia and New Zealand, who are committed to undergo stringent assessment and screening for ensuring individuals skill, mindset and attitude.

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