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Effective water treatment systems from WestWater Enterprises

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WestWater Enterprises  specialises in providing water treatment systems. These treatment systems have been specifically designed for industrial as well as municipal applications. Comprehensive range of water treatment systems provided by WestWater Enterprises include chlorination systems, ultraviolet systems, electrochlorination systems, chemical dosing systems, monitoring and control systems as well as integrated system packages.

WestWater Enterprises distributes ATG UV Technology range of UV products. These ultraviolet systems have been specifically designed for reliable as well as effective treatment of water borne micro organisms such as bacteria and viruses. Various beneficial features of these ultraviolet systems include inactivation of micro organisms by the ultra violet rays, cannot be overdosed, compact construction, can be installed with ease, toxic by products are not introduced, no chemicals required as well as does not have any effect on taste, odour or pH. These systems function by disrupting the DNA molecules of these micro organisms.

WestWater Enterprises also distributes Portacel range of chlorination equipment that includes vacuum regulators, chlorinators, ejectors and residual chlorine analysers. WestWater Enterprises also supplies spare parts essential for the equipment. WestWater Enterprises offers project engineering support in conjunction with installation, commissioning as well as training services.

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