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Water tanks offered by West Coast Poly

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West Coast Poly  is a manufacturer of a wide range of water tanks for domestic, farming, industrial, agricultural and transport sectors. West Coast Poly manufactures water tanks to high level of standards which are ultrasound tested and onsite impact tested for quality control. West Coast Poly employs leading edge manufacturing technology and quality control for its wide range of products.

West Coast Poly water tanks are manufactured from food grade polyethylene which complies with AS4020 Australian standards for potable water. Water tanks from West Coast Poly are provided with a leaf strainer and a screwed access hatch which prevent insects and pests from entering the tank. This results in clean and hygienic storage of water.

West Coast Poly manufactures water tanks with high level of strength and reinforced lower wall for ensuring strong and durable product. West Coast Poly consists of advanced rib profile that is designed to enhance the strength of the tank. West Coast Poly offers water tanks that have high resistance against chemicals. Thus these tanks do not rust and corrode even in case of iron content and high salt waters.

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